The largest city in Scotland


Situated on the West Coast of the Scottish Central Belt, 67km from Edinburgh and 556km from London, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, with a population of around 600,000. The city lies on the River Clyde, experiences average temperatures ranging between 1 and 20 degrees centigrade and has relatively high levels of precipitation.


Tracing its history back over more then 2000 years, Glasgow rose to prominence as a centre of industrial activity (in particular ship building) following the Industrial Revolution, when it became known as the Second City of the British Empire. Following a number of decades of decline, the city has recently undergone something of a renaissance, and hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2014.


Glasgow is the second largest retail centre in the UK, with a substantial financial and manufacturing sector.


Glasgow boasts a vibrant restaurant, bar and music scene centred around the Merchant City and West End, particularly Byers Road and Ashton Lane. Key cultural attractions include Glasgow Cathedral, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the Burrell Collection and the Gallery of Modern Art. City sport is dominated by the intense rivalry between its two largest football teams, Rangers and Celtic. Glasgow is also home to four Universities.

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